Individual Player/Team FAQ's

Don’t have a team of your own? We offer individual registration for selected leagues to help people join a team of other individuals such as themselves! All you have to do is create an Urban Rec profile (if you haven’t already- it’s free!), register online, and we will be in touch!.  Most of our individuals’ teams end up developing their own identities and become part of the Urban Rec family.  It is a great way to meet some people, have some fun and get active!

Your best chance of playing is to register for an individual team. Occasionally we do get requests from teams for players, and sometimes we can connect you with a team.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you a spot once all of our individuals’ teams are full.

Individual teams are “shell” teams that are created by Urban Rec. They are opened up for registration, with a specific number of spots available, and will close for registration once these spots have been filled. Individual teams are all recreational teams, and are a great place to meet new people while playing a sport that you love!

Of course! Individual teams are recreational teams and will play in the lowest division, so the focus is more so on having a good time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every player is new to the sport, but as the game is slower than an intermediate or competitive league, it is a great place for players to practice their skills!

Unfortunately, no. Registration will only remain open as long as space on the team is available, and most of our teams fill very quickly. If you wait until the league starts, you will likely be too late to even register for the team. Additionally, in order to participate in any Urban Rec league, you must be an Urban Rec member and must be listed on the team roster. There are no “drop-ins”. This is a requirement of our insurance company.

When you go to register as an individual player, you will need to select a specific team to register to. As long as you and your friend select the same team name when registering, you will be playing together. As teams are capped, if you are planning to register with a friend, it is highly recommended that you register early and at the same time. If one player registers at a later date, your chances of playing on the same team are reduced as the team may have filled up. If you are concerned about registering together, as long as you both have active Urban Rec accounts, you can call 604-879-9800 to register over the phone. This way, we can let you know exactly how many spots are still open and can register you together, securing two (or more) spots on the team. Payment is required at the time of registration.

Due to our privacy policy, we are unable to release any member information. Once you register for a team, you will have access to your team roster as well as be able to message your new teammates. You may then contact your teammates to discuss any league related matter.

Urban Rec will do the following to facilitate the formation of independent teams. Think of it as our promise to you!

We will provide the space in selected leagues for individual participants to register.

Provided that your team has enough players registered to make the team viable, your team will be entered into the league (if not, then you will receive a full refund).

Once you are registered, you will be able to contact your new teammates via your Member Dashboard area when you sign-in to the Urban Rec website.

On the first night, your League Manager or Event Host will be there to help introduce everyone for the first time, to make sure everyone feels comfortable, has a great time, knows the rules etc.

Your team should select a team captain. It will be this person’s responsibility to assist in the organization of the team. Now don’t panic– all you will be required to do is send an e-mail out ensuring that everyone knows when you are playing, what your team name is, and what time to show up, and to enter your game scores online following your games.

After that, your team will operate as a regular team in our leagues. Of course you can contact us with any questions or concerns that you have - we would be pleased to help!

All of our individual teams are rated as “recreational”. As long as you are just there to play for fun and don’t mind playing with beginners, then of course you can join the team! Please make sure that you keep the level of sportsmanship high and lead by example.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in the next few days with your league information. This e-mail will contain start and end dates, location, and other important points for your league. Please read over the information and familiarize yourself with your upcoming league. You will also notice your team listed on your Urban Rec dashboard. Your dashboard will include additional information such as league location, rules, schedule, and a list of your team roster. Feel free to take a look at your roster and watch as your team grows. You may even want to send a quick e-mail to introduce yourself, which can be done through the Team Maintenance tab.

Once your team is created, it is up to you all to decide how you want to run your team. You may choose to keep things casual and simply show up once a week for your game. Or perhaps your team is eager to improve your skills and would like to practice outside of league play. That is completely up to you all as a team. Any additional practices are independent of Urban Rec. They are not mandatory.

All of the individual teams allow for additional players to register, so there should be plenty of players to sub. If you will be away and cannot make a game, please try and give your team as much notice as possible. This way, they will have time to ensure that there will be enough players present at that game, and if necessary recruit a substitute player to fill in for you. If you will be recruiting a substitute player, please inform Urban Rec so we may add them to the roster and ensure that their waiver is up-to-date PRIOR to playing with your team. Additional subs can only be used to replace a registered player that cannot make a game and are not meant to increase the size of your line-up.

Each sport is a little bit different with regards to the minimum number of players required to make the team viable. Your team does not need to be sold out in order to be scheduled, but you do need, at the very least, the minimum number of players required to field one line-up. If a team is at risk of not getting enough players, you will be notified by e-mail and provided with options. If we are unable to get enough players to register, your team may fold and your registration fee will be refunded.

When you register for a team, it is a commitment. If your plans have changed and you are unable to play in the league, please contact Urban Rec to let us know as soon as possible. As per our Withdrawal Policy, we are only able to cancel your registration and provide you with a partial refund of your fees if we are able to resell your spot on a team. If your spot sells prior to the start of a season, we will refund your registration fees minus a $25 administrative fee. If the season has already started and/or your spot does not sell until later in the season, you will be refunded your registration fee minus the cost of however many weeks have passed until your spot has sold and the $25 administrative fee. If we are unable to sell your spot, we are unable to provide you with a refund.

All sports equipment will be provided for you, with the exception of personal sports gear (such as running shoes, cleats, or shin pads) and personal softball equipment (gloves and bats). Personal protection and equipment is completely up to you as a participant. All other equipment, such as balls, sticks, goalie padding, and nets, will be provided.

If you do not see a team listed for registration in the league of your choice, the league either does not offer individual registration or the team may already full. If an individual team did exist and has been filled, there may be a chance we can open a second individual team. This typically only occurs if we receive enough interest to form another team. Please contact Urban Rec ([email protected]) if you do not see the individual team you are hoping for. Even if we are unable to open a new individual team, we may be able to connect you with an existing team that may need players.

We form teams based on the information provided by you, the participant. That being said, individual registrants sign up at their own risk with the knowledge that signing up as an individual means that you are joining a group of people where nobody knows each other beforehand and there may be a higher chance to have a personality conflict or skill discrepancy with another member of your team. We will make every effort to assist in solving any issues that come up; however, we would hope that our adult participants are able to resolve issues internally.