We are pleased to announce the return of indoor volleyball! Bump, set, and spike your way into our coed 6s league. Teams play in one-hour time slots once per week. All leagues are coed and require a minimum of 2 of each gender on the court at all times. Scroll down to find the upcoming leagues – see you on the court!

  • Upcoming league information will be posted at the bottom of this page
  • More opportunities will become available as we acquire new facilities and locations
  • If you don’t have a full team of your own, you can register for the individual team. Individual teams are placed in the most recreational pool available as they are generally comprised of participants who are new to the game and have limited experience. 
  • Teams may be placed in any of the time slots available at Urban Rec’s discretion, regardless of what skill level is selected by the team when registering. For this reason, all teams must be available to play in any of the time slots on their night of play.

When playing in Urban Rec indoor coed (minimum 2 of each gender on the court) volleyball, you will play on the same night each week - you just have to pick the night you want to play. All skill levels are welcome and teams will be placed into pools based on relative skill levels (not necessarily the skill level registered at), pending the number of teams registered.  All of our indoor volleyball leagues have multiple time slots that play on the same night- due to the possibility of teams being scheduled in any of the available time slots, all teams must be able to play in any of the time slots throughout the season. 

For a listing of current available leagues, please scroll down to the bottom of the page (leagues not listed are either SOLD OUT or not available)

Don't have a full team of your own? Join as an individual player! Click on the following to find out more about registering as an individual:

Individual Player FAQs        

Note- not all leagues may offer individual registration. All individuals’ teams are registered as recreational and placed in the lowest division available for that league.

Not sure what skill level to register your team at? Click Skill Level Descriptions to see a description of what the different skill levels are like in Urban Rec!

Click here to see Urban Rec policies.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].