2024 Spring Registration
Priority Reg (for current teams)- Feb.26 until NOON Mar. 4
Open Reg (for teams not currently playing)- begins at 12:15PM Mar.4
Individual Reg- begins at 12:15pm Mar.5

As league details for the upcoming season are finalized, they will be posted at the bottom of this page.

🏀 General Information
Join us on the court for our coed 5-on-5 basketball leagues!

  • Teams will play in one-hour time slots once per week
  • All leagues are coed and require a minimum of 2 women and 1 man on the court at all times
  • These fun and social leagues are open to all skill levels

ℹī¸ League Information

  • Game start times may range from 6pm to 10pm depending on the league
  • Not all leagues may be offered in each season due to facility unavailability
  • Monday leagues MAY be scheduled to play on holiday Mondays

✋ Skill Level
Our leagues are offered with different skill levels in mind – recreational, intermediate, and intermediate plus play (although some leagues may be restricted to only recreational or recreational/intermediate play). Not sure what skill level to register your team at? Click Skill Level Descriptions to see a description of what the different skill levels are like in Urban Rec!  Note that some leagues may only have one division due to limited capacity.

😊 Individual Registration!
Don’t have a team of your own but want to play?  Try individual registration!

  • Register for a team consisting of other individuals such as yourself who are also looking for a team
  • Individual registration may not be offered for all leagues
  • All individuals’ teams are registered as recreational and placed in the lowest division available for that league to start
  • More sklled players are welcome to join, but please be aware of that individual teams are generally a lower skill level
  • For more info, click on our Individuals’ Teams Policy and our Individual FAQ section.

Further questions? Click on these links:

Basketball FAQs
Basketball Rules
Urban Rec Policies 

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?  Drop us a line at [email protected] or call us at 604-879-9800.