COVID-19 Concerns and Opting Out

Updated Nov.13, 2020.
If a team expresses COVID concerns (for any reason including potential exposure, travel or fear) and do not want to play due to COVID concerns, we remove that team from the schedule for 2 weeks. In these circumstances, this team would not be subject to our Default Policy.

The reason the team is removed for two weeks is twofold:

  • two weeks has been deemed an appropriate timeline to resolve COVID exposure concerns via quarantine etc, and as a safety precaution to other teams in the league, we want to ensure that there is no potential spread.
  • two weeks provides the opportunity to make up the missed games for the opponents of the COVID concerned team that would otherwise have missed a game they had paid to play as a result of the COVID concerned team not being able to play.

If, after two weeks, the team has not resolved their COVID concern and wishes to withdraw from the league, that team can choose to be removed from the league without penalty.

In the case of a team providing less than 1-week notice and wishing to only miss 1 week of play for any reason, COVID or otherwise, the Urban Rec Default Policy applies, which does call for a $200 default bond.

However, that $200 is not a fine, it is broken up into two parts: $100 which goes to compensate the opposing team who did not to get to play their game and cover the administrative expenses associated with working through that process, and the remainder is fully refundable to the defaulting team as long as they do not default from play again during the rest of the season. Urban Rec does not profit from the default policy.