COVID-19 Concerns and Opting Out

If your team expresses that they are unable to play due to concerns regarding Covid-19, you will be removed from the schedule for two weeks and our Default Policy will not be applied. This is for two reasons:

  • We don’t want teams to feel any pressure to identify the specific reason they are opting out due to Covid-19 concerns- just let us know if your team wants to opt out. A two week period has been deemed an appropriate timeline to resolve Covid-19 exposure concerns no matter the circumstances, whether they be exposure monitoring, post travel monitoring, PHO order duration, etc., and provides time for teams to discuss their concerns and decide whether they should continue in the league going forward.  
  • Two weeks provides the opportunity for your opponent, who will have had their game with you cancelled, make up that game in the schedule with a double header playing in your place the following week.  This allows teams who are fortunate enough to not have experienced concerns regarding Covid-19 to continue to play and not have their experience negatively impacted by the circumstances of others within the league over which they have no influence.

Furthermore, if your team would like to withdraw from the league at any point in the season due to having concerns regarding Covid-19, you can do so without penalty. We do just ask that you let us know as soon as possible for fairness to the other teams in your league so we can schedule accordingly. 

If, after two weeks, the team has not resolved their COVID concern and wishes to withdraw from the league, that team can choose to be removed from the league without penalty.

In the case of a team providing less than 1-week notice and wishing to only miss 1 week of play for any reason, COVID or otherwise, the Urban Rec Default Policy applies (, which does call for a $200 default bond.

Note that the $200 is not a fine- it is broken up into two parts: approximately half goes to compensate the opposing team who did not to get to play their game and cover the administrative expenses associated with working through that process  The remainder is fully refundable to the defaulting team as long as they do not default from play again during the rest of the season. Note that Urban Rec does not profit from the default policy.